Our Mission

From the start of Adventure Freaks, our goal was to give back to the community. After many ideas of ways we could, we finally landed on the National Forest Foundation. The mission of this organization is to help replace trees damaged in National Parks due to wildfire, disease, insects, etc. all across the United States.

For every dollar donated to this organization, the National Forest Foundation plants a tree in a National Park in need of restoration. Pretty simple concept!

Adventure Freaks will be donating 20% of all sales to the National Forest Foundation in hopes to make an impact in our National Parks! This is a mission we want to be apart of!

So why this organization you ask?

In the summer of 2017, a few members of the Adventure Freak team took a trip to Colorado. While there, we went on a white water rafting trip down the Cache La Poudre River which flows through the Roosevelt National Forest. As you might know, this forest was attacked by wildfire in 2012. What started as a lightening strike, ended in over 87,000+ acres burned. It was all I could do to imagine what it might of looked like before the fire. For anyone that has ever seen the aftermath of a wildfire, knows how it can make you feel. It would be a tall task to restore all of this land, both physically and financially, however, the National Forest Foundation has a goal set to do just that. Although, there are far more acres to restore than money we have to donate, we feel we can make an impact.

Watch National Forest Foundation Video

If you would like to personally make a donation to the National Forest Foundation click here.