Adventure Freaks Blog

As the creator of Adventure Freaks, my favorite part of the business is seeing and hearing about all of the places you crazy Adventure Freaks go. This is the exact reason why the Adventure Freaks Instagram (adventure._.freaks) is so full of our follower's photos! that is something that will never change! However, there is only so much of the story you can know from seeing someone else's Instagram post. This gave me the Idea of a blog page! Here is how it is going to work!

1. Go on a crazy cool adventure!

 Experience life to the fullest and get lost!

2. Write about what you saw. Describe the trail, what you came across, who you did it with, and what made it so crazy cool!

3. Send it to our email at along with an attached picture that we can also post on the Gram. DO NOT FORGET TO ADD YOUR LOCATION! Also, mention your Instagram name so I can mention it on our page!

Each week on Monday, I will choose one or two Blogs that I thought were crazy cool and post it to the site along with featuring the picture on Instagram! Get to adventuring my friends!

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